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We are the most progressive anti ageing and beauty clinic in this area, sourcing the most advanced products and equipment available – staying ahead of the field. We provide beauty services for both women and men, though the services for men are limited and so we advise contacting the salon before booking. 

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The menu to your left distinguishes between Technology Treatments and Product Treatments. Technology Treatments are treatments which, while they may incorporate products, rely mainly on the technology in the equipment, whereas Product Treatments are treatments which while they may involve equipment technology are more heavily reliant on the products involved in the treatment.

While this website gives an indication of the treatments we offer and the treatment prices, we recommend that you come in for a free consultation, as we have a wide range of treatments and products available and this will allow our therapists to advise a bespoke treatment plan best suited for you. For example for a more youthful looking appearance, a combination of technical treatments, and product treatments can be provided to firm the muscles underlying the skin, and tighten the skin itself, while treating blemishes, and there are both Technology Treatments and Product Treatments which can help with all of these areas. For example while we list Guinot's HydradermieLift as a Product Treatment it utilises electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles. 

With our many years of experience we will only offer you treatments that will provide the best results, whether it is for anti-ageing; slimming and body treatments; problematic skin; hair removal; or nails, enabling you to achieve the maximum results from your salon visits. 

Your satisfaction is our success

We are a registered member of the IIAA (International Institute of Anti-Ageing), which can only be joined by invitation as a recognized front line anti-ageing clinic. We are also a member of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.