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Loyalty Points

To earn loyalty points you must come in store to receive your loyalty point key tag and number. Once you have your loyalty point number, you earn loyalty points through purchasing services or products as follows:

1 loyalty point is earned for every pound spent on treatments
2 loyalty points are earned for every pound spent on products (not including Gift Cards)

We allow loyalty points to be spent on treatments you've never had before (ask in shop for any free treatments that you have qualified for), or be used to purchase gift cards which can spent on any treatments you like or be given away as gifts. The exchange rate for gift cards is 15 loyalty points for every pound, and the cards can be bought in £10 increments. The loyalty point costs of treatments you have never had before, will work out at an even better rate than that.

Loyalty points can only be redeemed in store, and not online.

So for example if you had saved up 500 loyalty points, you could purchase a £30 gift card and have 50 loyalty points remaining. 

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