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Beaute Neuve

Duration: 1 hour   Cost: £65.00


The Double Action peeling recreates new skin and restores radiance. Beaute Neuve is a dual-effect treatment based on the complimentary action of fruit acids and Vitamin C to eliminate dead cells and brighten the skin.

The AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) derived from sugar cane, apples, grapes and citrus fruit break the cellular links and gently detach dead cells. The pure Vitamin C, curbs melanin production for an anti-pigmentation effect.

The Secrets Behind the Treatment

  • Exfoliate To Generate New Skin— An exfoliating gel detaches dead cells, helping to unclog pores, soften the lines and fade brown spots, promoting a softer, clearer complexion.
  • Diffuse Ingredients deep within the heart of the cells — The ingredient rich serum nourishes the skin
  • Reveal A New Complexion — A pure Vitamin C Mask ends the treatment to reveal a more even complexion.