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We offer two machines for facial muscle toning. The CACI Ultra and the CACI Synergy. While we offer them for facial muscle toning, they do so much more.

The CACI Ultra advanced combines the microcurrent toning therapy with LED red and blue Light Therapy and involves an ultrasonic peel.

While the CACI Synergy combines the functionality of the C.A.C.I Ultra and the C.A.C.I Ultimate and introduces pioneering S.P.E.D™ microcurrent LED technology, a breakthrough new advancement in microcurrent therapy. The C.A.C.I Synergy can be used for treatments such as facial toning, skin exfoliation, skin rejuvenation, problematic skin, sun-damaged skin, lip plumping, and the reduction of lines and wrinkles, and is clinically proven to provide faster, better and longer-lasting results than earlier CACI facial systems. (C.A.C.I website link)

CACI Ultra 1 hour £69.00
CACI Ultra Eye 25 minutes £30.00
CACI Ultra Face 30 minutes £35.00
CACI Synergy LED Signature Lift 1 hour £75.00
CACI Synergy with microdermabrasion 1 hour 15 minutes £85.00
CACI Deluxe 1 hour 30 minutes £99.00

CACI is a non surgical solution to combat loss of muscle tone using CACI micro current facial toning therapy. Originally developed as a medical application to treat facial palsy and muscle tone is restored by applying tiny micro-current electrical impulses to the affected muscles. Today this proven technology is commonly referred to as “facial toning” or “the non surgical face lift”.

The CACI Ultra combines the micro current toning therapy with LED red and blue Light Therapy to instantly plump out and soften deep lines and wrinkles. Additionally the treatment involves an ultrasonic peel, to deep cleanse and gently exfoliate the epidermis.

Good Looks no longer offers the CACI Ultimate as it has been superseded the CACI Synergy

The CACI Synergy system combines the functionality of the CACI Ultra and the CACI Ultimate and introduces pioneering S.P.E.D™ microcurrent LED technology, a breakthrough new advancement in microcurrent therapy. See the CACI website for more details [C.A.C.I website link]

"A facial that gives the anti-ageing effect of procedures such as Botox is so effective it's now replacing jabs and fillers among A-listers.

Nicknamed the 'non-surgical facelift', the CACI Facial treatment is a favourite among celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez who even purchased a home machine for a rumoured $24,000 (£20k) in 2015 as she loves the effects so much....

Synergy is the latest version of this technology that promises to deliver simultaneous microcurrent and high brilliance LED stimulation that tones the facial muscles at the same time as rejuvenating the skin.

The results are said to be dramatic, leaving the face with the most natural lift whilst rejuvenating the skin and boosting collagen production...."

To read the full review click on the following link Daily Mail CACI Article

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