Hair Removal Electrolysis

FDA approved for permanent hair removal, it is done hair by hair.

Up to 10 minutes £23.00
1 hour course £99.00

Electrolysis involves permanently destroying each hair folicle individually. Unlike laser it doesn't rely on the pigmentation of the hair, and therefore can remove fair or even white hair, and so is FDA approved for Permanent Hair Removal, rather than Permanent Hair Reduction like laser treatments (which don't remove hair with low pigmentation such as white or fair hair). However in comparison to the Ellipse treatment we offer, the procedure is quite slow as the needle (we use gold needles) has to be inserted into each hair follicle individually. Electrolysis can also be painful. If possible we recommend using the Ellipse, at least for the bulk of the work, and if there are a few white hairs to be removed, then electrolysis can be used to tidy these up.

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