We offer Nanokeratin, Powerdose, and Olapex treatments, to leave your hair looking amazing.


nanoSmooth Pure £120.00
Follow up treatment (optional) £20.00

nanoSmooth Pure is an advanced innovative series for a safe Bond Reformation. Depending on the results desired, you can opt for Soft Smoothing or Complete Straightening.

Advantages of the nanoSmooth Smooth Pure treatment:

  • The nanoSmooth Smooth Pure treatment is a relatively quick process that achieves high quality results.
  • It is suited to all hair types.
  • It repairs hair and makes it healthier.
    Impressive results for severely damaged hair.
  • It has 0% Formaldehyde, 0% Aldehyde and releases no chemical off-gases.

Appropriate for men and women alike, the results last up to 12 weeks.


L'Oreal's Série Expert Powerdose in-salon treatments feature core-to-surface technology to target all areas of the hair strand providing instant, deep conditioning & shine. You can choose from the following Powerdose treatments:

  • Color-Lock Service
  • Luminous Highlights Service
  • Fibre-Repair Service
  • Progressive Strength Blow-Dry Service
  • Ultimate Reconstructing Service
  • Ultimate Smoothing Service.

The treatment can be added onto your blowdry, cut, or colour service at a cost of £8.50


Olaplex's patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage; permanently rebuilding the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process.

Olaplex treatment price: £30.00

Nanokeratin nanoSmooth Pure before and after photos.

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